Hello, I am JAGUAR from Atlanta, GA.

I spin deconstructed and hardcore club tracks at raves into the earliest hours of the night. Hard Dance is a lifeline for me, a language in itself, a catharsis.

It is a sound that is difficult to find in Atlanta and I am proud to be a part of leading the movement here. I have been organizing raves in Atlanta with Malware Cafe, a BIPOC rave/DJ collective based in Atlanta, Georgia. Our initiative is geared towards bringing harder, faster, and expansive sounds through raves to the underground DJ and music scenes while also creating moments that promote, sustain, and redistribute resources to BIPOC artists.

I opened up for Jasmine Infiniti on November 13th at Aisle 5. This live mix was intended to feel like a narrative or a “journey”. There is a pleasurable amount of baile funk, hard-style, hard techno, drum-line, gabber, and club flips intertwined all throughout this hour ensemble. Xoxo