The Meme Studies Research Network Index
A collaborative project that collects and presents academic literature about the use, spread and impact of internet memes.
an interactive fiction poem novel painting the splintering possibilities of a loaded conversation between you and someone you thought you knew. in this space, who is the subject and who is the object?
written over several months in early 2020 while exploring a new home and struggling with mixed realities during a global pandemic
Zero Bytes Found
Zero Bytes Found is an interactive comic memoir that grapples with the loss of phone photos and how to move forward.
Sweater Palettes
Sweater Palettes is a visual index of 2,000 outerwear pieces, searchable by color palette. Search results are displayed in a 3D view, creating a gallery one can "walk" through with the scroll wheel.
overseas chinese heritage center
The vacation diary of a green ghost, who ruminates on the evolving role of travel and tourism in Chinese identity and revels in tourism's constant collisions of mundanity with awe.
body abandonment notice
Deconstructed images of east Asian feminine passivity, ranging from chaste k-drama kisses to the latent violence of naked girl figurines in bags waiting to be assembled.
It’s Time
A web-based choose-your-own adventure style game that questions your moral convictions through a series of hypothetical dilemmas.
Reading, Walking
Come take a walk and explore your surroundings: each word is a portal to a different Wikipedia article, a different place on the internet. What path will you carve out for yourself?
i wish you were not here
A group show working with the theme of virtual squatting. An exhibition was created by 3D scanning an abandoned space in the first district of Vienna and virtually placing artworks in it. The whole project was published on Google Maps and is available to be experienced through Google Street View.
,.-~*´¨¯¨`*·~-.¸-✨💖💻💖✨ hardwareemocional ✨💖💻💖✨-,.-~*´¨¯¨`*·~-.¸
This 4-chapter journal explores the sentimental dimension between electronics and their users, as well as the co-dependence and the moral agency that embraces them.
The Parade
The Parade is a short puzzle game where the player can steal spirits' faces, combine them to create new ones, and make friends along the way.
Digital art exhibition proposed as an international dialogue between Colombia and China around shared and divergent notions of technology; featuring 4 essays in which these differences are dissected from a theoretical standpoint.
shortly, briefly
An interactive story of a trip to Hong Kong, centering mundane moments of joy and tiny lessons about what 'home' means to a 1.5th generation immigrant.
TAIPEI METRO QUEST is a narrative video game about memory, time and finding your way home to yourself set in Taipei's public transit system.
LOOTING DREAM is an interactive web fantasy about distorting, glitching, re-inserting, and deleting from glass boxes + institutions.
Deleted in 2020
"Deleted in 2020" is a collection of images submitted by Instagram users. All the images in this exhibit were deleted off Instagram due to violations of community guidelines.
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