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《 梦中人 meng zhong ren 》 by YAYA 涯涯
the only absolute truth is that Truth is variable and everchanging. but consider: reality alone isn't enough.
Discord Servers for Research and Creative Inspiration That You Can Join Today featuring Froyo Tam, Evan Collins, Idil Galip by ada.wrong
In this article, I feature three discord servers for research outside formal institutions, creative inspiration, or collaborative discussion. My goal is that you, the creatives in our larger virtualgoodsdealer community, will be able to find people to learn and collaborate with.
Notes from the unpredictable by 100porcent_genuine
100porcent_genuine began in 2021 as an artistic archiving project of pictures from bot profiles on Instagram, gradually evolving as an audiovisual fiction, provoked by enigmatic contact with artificial intelligence and its alien ways of thinking.
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Reading, Walking
Come take a walk and explore your surroundings: each word is a portal to a different Wikipedia article, a different place on the internet. What path will you carve out for yourself?
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Web Art Submissions
We are looking for web art submissions to display on the exhibits page. The piece can have any focus (art, games, experiences, etc) or subject matter but it must be interactive and accessible from the browser. We are prioritizing pieces that are not hosted on major social media platforms. Check...
Writing Submissions
We are looking for Writing submissions for Virtualgoodsdealer Pages! We are actively seeking written pieces including but not limited to: fiction & short stories poetry personal essays articles prose We welcome any works of interest, including pieces that have already been posted elsewhere. We can also publish an excerpt of...
General Submissions
We are seeking submissions for Virtualgoodsdealer Pages. We are looking for a variety of media, including but not limited to: Articles & Writing (poetry & creative writing welcome) Digital Artworks & Illustration Fine Art Photography Memes & Alternative Digital Art Digital Zines Tutorials Music Interactive web experiences & browser games...
Males_are_cancelled Account Takeover
We are opening the @males_are_cancelled Instagram account for takeovers. The goal of the takeovers is to magnify the voices of those whose reach and creative expression have been suppressed by the racist, classist, and ableist structures of social media platforms and the creative industries. Takeovers will be held once a...