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virtualgoodsdealer is a collaborative virtual space and e-commerce portal. working in creative direction, art, fashion, technology, and craft, we provide an infrastructure to facilitate creative trades and develop products.
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Virtualgoodsdealer Interview Series: Episode 2, 'Through the Cringe with @premiles' featuring premiles by cindie xin, saqmemes
The second episode of Virtualgoodsdealer Interview Series. Cindie and Omnia speak with Miles about the uncanny performance of vulnerability used throughout his posts and debated with him over the evolving definition of cringe.
Robots, Explained by Selam Gano
Will they take over the world? More importantly, will they put me out of a job?
Virtualgoodsdealer Interview Series: Episode 1, 'Dr. André Brock Hops on the Bannedwagon' featuring André L. Brock by cindie xin, saqmemes
The first episode of Virtualgoodsdealer Interview Series. Cindie and Omnia speak to Dr. André Brock about his work studying Black Twitter and hear his thoughts on outrage economy, cancel culture, and their impact on social media.
featured web exhibit
LOOTING DREAM is an interactive web fantasy about distorting, glitching, re-inserting, and deleting from glass boxes + institutions.
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