100porcent_genuine is a performative hybrid body of two Brazilian artists based in Rio de Janeiro, Lucas Lucas and Rodrigo Pinheiro, whose artistic research paths converge to create a persona avatar which materializes 100porcent_genuine productions, a transmedia speculative work of fiction.

About Lucas Lucas and Rodrigo Pinheiro:

Lucas dos Santos Silva (Lucas Lucas), born in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), where he lives and works, is an cross-disciplinary artist researcher and designer. In his artistic practices, Lucas is interested in creating/morphing visual and sounding landscapes, textures and noises, regarding our states of humour and consciousness. Undergraduated with a degree in Design - Visual Communication from Pontificial Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio), Lucas articulates his artistic work in various fields of expression – visual arts, sound, photography, cinema, fashion design – and, in the last four years, he’s been taking part in independent art exhibitions in Rio de Janeiro (RJ, Brazil), São Paulo (SP, Brazil), Belo Horizonte (MG, Brazil) and Pelotas (RS, Brazil).
Lucas Lucas’s website

Rodrigo Pinheiro, born in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), where he lives and works, is an cross-disciplinary artist researcher. In his artistic practices, Rodrigo ranges across a variety of media – intervention, space, video, photography, sound, object, words – interested in fabulating and engendering a set of situations, temporarily intervening in various spaces regarding its social-political-economical dynamics and seeking to carry our attention to our fiercely automated ways of perceiving the world. Currently pursuing a master’s degree in Contemporary Studies in Arts at Fluminense Federal University (UFF - Rio de Janeiro) and having a bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts from Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ - Rio de Janeiro), Rodrigo, in the last four years, has been taking part in art exhibitions in some of the contemporary art museums of Rio de Janeiro and also at independent art spaces.
Rodrigo Pinheiro’s website

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  • Notes from the unpredictable
    100porcent_genuine began in 2021 as an artistic archiving project of pictures from bot profiles on Instagram, gradually evolving as an audiovisual fiction, provoked by enigmatic contact with artificial intelligence and its alien ways of thinking.