Who said you couldn't make art in a FEMA camp? by Mira Mandelbrot
A gallery of the artist's recent work accompanied by an essay on her creative drive and comtemplations on the future. Some inspiration for the start of your 2022. Read More
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《 梦中人 meng zhong ren 》 by YAYA 涯涯
the only absolute truth is that Truth is variable and everchanging. but consider: reality alone isn't enough. Read More
Notes from the unpredictable by 100porcent_genuine
100porcent_genuine began in 2021 as an artistic archiving project of pictures from bot profiles on Instagram, gradually evolving as an audiovisual fiction, provoked by enigmatic contact with artificial intelligence and its alien ways of thinking. Read More
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The Garden by Aya Avalon
The Garden is a combination of virtual art therapy and guided meditation. This project provides a safe-space for those who struggle to find a place of comfort and happiness throughout their day-to-day lives. Read More
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Virtualgoodsdealer Creators: YAYA 涯涯 featuring YAYA 涯涯
YAYA 涯涯 is a multimedia artist whose print works make up our latest Virtualgoodsdealer creator partners drop. In honor of carrying YAYA 涯涯's works, we decided to speak to them about the inspirations behind their work. Read More
/art /interview
Hillary R for Virtualgoodsdealer featuring Hillary R
We talk to digital artist, Hillary R, who created character designs for our new landing page at virtualgoodsdealer.com. Read More
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Introducing: Chrysalides by Eric Hu
Motivation and thoughts behind the creator's new series of digital artwork. Read More
Photography Archive 2020 by Echo Nixod
A memoir-style collection of photography and writing. Portraiture, fashion, fantasy, and more. Read More