The story of the Meme Studies Index by Idil Galip
When I first started my PhD in 2018, I found it difficult to access up-to-date meme research. I felt that there was a limited amount of resources available and I had already read all of them (I hadn’t). Trying to google something like “articles about internet memes” would result in a flurry of non-academic results, which was not what I was looking for. An ideal place to start for me would have been a meme studies reading list that I could consult for an initial entry into the literature. I couldn’t find such a list, so I gave up and started to build my own library. Read More
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Sad African Queen's Favorite Surreal Memes by saqmemes
A collection of memes that are impossible to explain. Read More
Who said you couldn't make art in a FEMA camp? by Mira Mandelbrot
A gallery of the artist's recent work accompanied by an essay on her creative drive and comtemplations on the future. Some inspiration for the start of your 2022. Read More
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Notes from the unpredictable by 100porcent_genuine
100porcent_genuine began in 2021 as an artistic archiving project of pictures from bot profiles on Instagram, gradually evolving as an audiovisual fiction, provoked by enigmatic contact with artificial intelligence and its alien ways of thinking. Read More
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Robots, Explained by Selam Gano
Will they take over the world? More importantly, will they put me out of a job? Read More